Phobos 27 - more comfort and seaworthiness

Phobos 27 is a follow-up to our previous successful model Phobos 25, but even more comfortable and seaworthy. Main changes include an elongated hull at the stern and minor interior changes.

Elongating the hull allowed us to design a swimming platform at the stern, where such useful equipment as a large ladder, an accommodation ladder or a life raft can be installed. The elongated hull also translates to a greater displacement and extended waterline. Since this version of the yacht features a hull attached rudder, we offer two methods of its operation: using a tiller or a steering wheel. The yacht's fin can be a centreboard, installed on the mast clamp, which makes it possible to approach shallow shores. It can also be a typical full keel for sea sailing, installed on the rudderstock. In order to make the work of the helmsman more comfortable, we installed a special stern bench, which closes off the stern at the height of cockpit seats during sailing, but allows water to freely flow out of the cockpit. When the yacht is moored, the bench can easily be folded by lifting its sides vertically, making contact with the land easier.

As with the Phobos 25, we offer three versions of the anti-drift mechanism: a centreboard for the inland version or a full keel for the sea version. We also offer a universal solution of adding a shallow 270 kg full keel to the centreboard version. The yacht is stable enough to sail offshore and the full keel provides additional protection for the stationary motor’s propeller (for a long shaft motor but not for a sail-drive motor). The auxiliary motor can be mounted with an outboard stern rudder or as a stationary motor on the sail-drive transmission and a long shaft.

The interior is the Phobos 25’s reliable standard arrangement with two possible combinations.  A charter version for a maximum size crew - 8 people (6+2) and version for private owners - for a maximum of 6 people (5 + 1). The interior is finished using laminated plywood lining and includes all the berths, flooring and WC cabin. It is also possible to order a non-standard wood finish. The V-berth can be separated from the mess, as well as the aft berth, but only in the version for private owners. Each version features the same WC compartment and a galley with a cooker, a sink and a refrigerator.

The yacht version with a centreboard meets the criteria of category C (6B), and the version with the full keel meets the criteria of category B (sea sailing up to 8B).

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