• Phobos Yacht The Best Choice...

  • Phobos Yacht The Best Choice...

  • Phobos Yacht The Best Choice...


We build 5.5–10 metre long sailing yachts in coope­ra­tion with
distin­gu­ished desi­gners, such as Jerzy Pie­śniew­ski and Woj­ciech
Spi­sak. Apply­ing only modern yet well-tried and tested tech­no­lo­gies
we build a variety of yacht types, which means that you
can find the pro­duct sailing as close to your wishes as possible


Die Phobos 18 ist eine sehr komfortable und sichere Segeljolle, perfekt geeignet für Tagesausflüge. Ideal sowohl als Familienboot als auch als Schulungsboot für Segelschulen. Die Handhabung des Bootes ist einfach somit auch passend für unerfahrene Segler. 

Low costs, minimal luxuries and maximum joy of sailing, this
compact yacht is excellent as a weekend unit but it can be also
used for tourist boat racing. It provides sleeping for a 4 man
crew. Popular among sailors who like to explore new waters as
it can be transported behind a mid-sized car, and launched practically
from the shore. 

A small tourist but great-hearted! This latest product by our
company is an excellent charter and family unit. Although on
the small side, this yacht will surprise anyone with its spacious
interior and unusual comfort for this class of boat. 

Phobos 22 - the model with a completely new series SPORT introduced to the market
in 2013 schould nautical satisfy the most demanding sailors. 

This is the oldest still in production, well-tried and tested yacht manufactured by our company, combining excellent nautical qualities with very easy handling and transport. The yacht, which is the work of excellent designer Jerzy Pieśniewski, is a development of the line of Focuses that have been known to be successful on boat-racing routes. It has a very cosy interior, large enough for 5 people. This yacht?s construction and design have for years been appreciated by sailors all over Europe. 

Najnowszy produkt naszej firmy z 2015 roku to kontynuacja udanej serii turystycznych Phobosów 21, 25 i 27. Choć stylistycznie i programowo nawiązuje do starszych konstrukcji, to jest zaprojektowany całkowicie od nowa 

Our company?s NEW LOOK for 2010, designed by the Design
Engineer of the Year 2010 -Wojtek Spisak. A very spacious interior provides good sleeping for 6 to 8 people, depending on the type of fitting. Phobos 25 stands for ergonomics and comfort packed into a modern style. This yacht is astonishingly daring and easy to handle. The variety of models and choice of trim makes it possible to produce the right configuration for just about anyone?s dream yacht. 

Phobos 27 is a follow-up to our previous successful model Phobos 25, but even more comfortable and seaworthy. Main changes include an elongated hull at the stern and minor interior changes.Elongating the hull allowed us to design a swimming platform at the stern, where such useful equipment as a large ladder, an accommodation ladder or a life raft can be installed. The elongated hull also translates to a greater displacement and extended waterline. Since this version of the yacht features a hull attached rudder, we offer two methods of its operation: using a tiller or a steering wheel. 

The largest product made by our company, it is fast and daring,
with a timeless style characteristic of the designs of Jerzy
Pieśniewski. It will easily accommodate a family of eight. Even a
very tall sailor can comfortably stand upright in the wardroom
and use the toilet. The yacht combines a high level of safety
measures with easy handling features and excellent performance. 

Premiere of the 2014 year, motor yacht
addressed to people who appreciate
comfort and convenience.  

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